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healing with shaina

Healing is possible. 

Your future self doesn't have to be the same version as your current self.

I am so glad you are here.

Maybe you are struggling with overwhelm and triggers.

Maybe life has thrown too many curveballs. 

Maybe you're a parent and struggling to be present.

Maybe setting boundaries feels impossible.

Maybe life is just adding up more than normal. 

Maybe you're in the middle of a big life transition.

It doesn't have to be this way.


Humans are wired for connection

At the core of everything in life, are your relationships. Your relationship with your spouse or partner, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your children, and more. 

Because of this, we put a special spotlight on relationships at Healing with Shaina: repairing them, mending them, and healing for them.


At Healing with Shaina, we serve you with healing and growing so you can feel different.

anxiety sketch.HEIC


Anxiety is the most common disorder in the United States. If you are struggling with your daily life, with relationships, or with school or work performance you may be suffering from anxiety.



Do you feel down, low and struggle with motivation? You may be experiencing symptoms of depression. You don't have to suffer alone.

tangled brain with trauma


Trauma is any experience that is too big for your brain to handle. Trauma leaves lasting impacts on the brain. Trauma affects you in more ways you can imagine. 

life transitions

Life Transitions

There are so many times in life when transitioning becomes challenging, and life adds up to be more than what you can handle. Or perhaps you are a college student in the huge transition from childhood into adulthood. Shaina can help with these transitions.

pregnancy sketch large background.png


It's not talked about, but things can be hard during pregnancy. Despite your friends and peers only sharing in their excitement there are plenty of other emotions they are feeling as well.

postpartum anxiety

Postpartum Anxiety

Your worries don't have to go unanswered. Your fears feel so real. You are not alone. Most parents don't talk about it. But it's more common than you think.

postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression

It's not just the baby blues. It's more and its leaving a lasting impact on your baby. Please don't succumb to the shame. It's okay to seek help.

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