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I am happy you found me.

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen," Brene Brown.

You are not alone. Show up, be seen, and feel the difference.​ I am here to help.

My Story

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in private practice in Central Florida. I believe in a client-centric approach to assist in propelling you forward and firmly stand strong in normalizing the human experience. I serve clients with anxiety, depression, perinatal mood disorders, trauma and grief. 

Before becoming a therapist, I focused on designing spaces for an award-winning interior design firm in the lovely Winter Park, Florida. I made the switch from focusing on outward beauty and design to inward refinement and growth to aid my clients in curating their inner most challenges when choosing to pursue my post graduate degree in 2015 at the University of Southern California. 

I strive to support my clients’ needs in therapy through group or individualized care while assisting in overcoming obstacles, achieving empowerment, and obtaining acceptance - all contributing to the human experience - their human experience. I aim to aid my clients in thriving by setting therapeutic goals and ultimately increasing resiliency. I also assist clients in achieving a sense of wellbeing by providing psychoeducation and incorporating resourcing, mindfulness techniques, self-care, and wellness tools into their practice. I view therapy as a collaborative endeavor while providing a safe space along with compassion, empathy, insight, cultural awareness, and active listening.

My Approach

Healing with Shaina was founded with the mission of assisting you on your journey through life transitions and challenges with a trauma-informed lens. The human experience varies tremendously, but so many individuals aren't aware of how their life experiences have impacted their lives - their exhaustion - their fatigue. I strive to assist individuals in identifying their struggles and assist them on their healing journey. 


Whether you are looking to heal your relationships with others, heal your relationship with yourself, heal from heartbreak or grief, heal from traumatic experiences or difficult memories, or heal from unhealthy patterns or life transitions therapy is the space to start your healing journeyShow up and be vulnerable with yourself, without judgement. You are the expert on you and I can help you heal and grow on your  journey.

I will help you find resources within yourself and provide new tools to aid in your ability to cope with your past and with whatever is coming your way. Life will always have ups and downs, and if you are here reading this - you were likely not provided the tools for the ebbs and flows for it to feel manageable.

My Approach

Shaina is dedicated to cutting edge and evidence-based protocols.

  • Certified EMDR Therapist

  • Specialist in Perinatal Mood Disorders and Parental Wellbeing

  • Certified in Safe & Sound Protocol for Nervous System Regulation

  • Certified Grief Educator

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Shaina - light_edited.png

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