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Finding EMDR Therapy

Updated: Feb 28

EMDR fell into my lap. I was at an agency who received many inquires about the therapy, and eventually my supervisor decided to pursue it for the group of clinicians. The training is intensive (as it should be). EMDR is a strict 8 phase protocol - which is how it has proven to be evidence-based - that integrates bilateral eye-movements to convert unprocessed raw data into an experience that sits in your brain in a healthier way, so you are able to let go what does not serve you.

bilateral movement

EMDR is not a walk in the park. It is real work, both for the clinician and of course for the client. Within the training for the clinician, there is a component where the clinician plays the role of the client and are asked to use "real" memories to process. I was immediately blown away. I felt a difference in this therapeutic approach versus a typical psychotherapy approach almost immediately and haven't looked back. I began utilizing the protocol with many clients, and proceeded to more advanced training.

I quickly realized the magic of EMDR. And it's just that. Magic. Watching my clients go from experiencing disturbing memories to them being neatly organized in their brains isn't just something they report but something I can see. I have watched clients go from arriving in session in their pajamas to being fully dressed with earrings on. The little things are big, as they should be.

I also continued my EMDR journey myself. I see the impacts, but I have also felt them. I know what its like, and I believe in the process and in the rewards.

I know it sounds bananas, but I have seen it change lives, countless times. I hope you choose to start your EMDR Therapy journey if you feel it could help you. It's incredible for individuals with post-traumatic stress and trauma, but its also helpful for anxiety, grief, chronic pain, depression, addictions, eating disorders, vicarious trauma, and nightmares. Kids can also experience incredible results from EMDR Therapy. It has the power to heal; but it takes time and a commitment to yourself. Nothing good comes quickly, but your investment could yield in positive results and rewards that could have lasting affects.

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