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Growth, Regrowth, and Growth Through Therapy

Updated: Feb 28

How can you measure growth? With children, we measure by height, weight, and developmental milestones. With adults, maybe our pant size and gray hair?

It’s much more tough to measure on the outside when you try to examine day to day growth. It happens internally, not externally. It happens - most of the time - without you or the individuals around you really noticing.

With plants, it’s easier to see growth and even regrowth. This monstera plant was moved indoors recently and it proved to be unhappy with the choice. I cut it back to give it a second chance. On the bottom, you can see the wilted old leaves that are ready to be cut and on the top you can view new growth. It took cutting the plant back to promote growth again. The plant may have eventually made a move - or maybe it would have just stayed as is - frozen in time - maybe it would have eventually died. But instead, I provided the opportunity for new life by cutting it back and giving it another chance.

The same can be said with therapy. It can be scary to open up and become vulnerable - exposing yourself to a complete stranger - but it takes that action - peeling the layers back - to achieve growth. And to achieve regrowth. With plants - over time - we can see the growth - and it’s the same with humans. Over time, through exposure, through vulnerability, and through connection we achieve new growth in our day to day lives along with growth through therapy.

But it also takes the right fit - and the right exposure to sunlight (if we are still talking about plants). Please don’t think you will always find the right therapist for you on the first try. Many times you won’t. But once you find one that fits like a glove and promotes your growth. You will know it. And slowly, slowly you will feel and see the growth again. And not just in your pant size.


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