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For the love of Design: Becoming a Psychotherapist

Updated: Feb 28

I started my career in design. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University and pursued an internship at a local interior design shop. I always loved art, and especially the intersection where art meets design. I thought of myself as a practical creative, and had an opportunity after graduating so I took it. After about a year, I identified gaping holes in the business and convinced my boss that we should go out on our own. He agreed, and we moved to Downtown Winter Park, branded the business as Ted Maines Interiors, and launched a retail showroom. Ted became a close friend and confidant along with my mentor.

Ted taught me all things design. He taught me about the significance of mid-century modern design, how to add fun to design, how to contribute to the Central Florida Community and the importance of pursuing our passion. While I was at Ted Maines Interiors, we began the long run of achieving recognition from many organizations including Watermark, the Downtown Development Board's Golden Brick Awards, and the Orlando Magazine: the firm was awarded Best Interior Design firm year after year through last year.

After some time at Ted Maines Interiors, I realized my strengths: listening, communicating, and foreseeing the needs of our clients. I loved design and I loved spending my days with Ted, but I eventually decided to go back to school and pursue becoming a therapist. I wanted to focus on inward beauty, and not just outward beauty - and continue my journey in working with people.

In December 2022, we lost Ted to a long battle with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. His loss was felt by the community as he was an activist and supported many organizations including, but not limited to the Orange County Library System, Harbor House, the Holocaust Resource & Education Center, the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Florida. He was an amazing human and an amazing mentor. He taught me about self-worth, beauty, and fighting for a cause and what is right.

I miss him as a physical entity in my life but I carry my value for spatial design and creating beautiful spaces, which he cultivated, and now I’m pursuing my life’s work: being a psychotherapist.

Ted Maines Interiors

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