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My Time with Central Florida Hillel

Updated: Feb 28

Healing begins the minute you realize you need to heal on your journey. Some view their need in childhood, some in early adulthood, some after their first baby, and some when they are much later in life, but I recognized that as a clinician - serving the young adult community would be an honor and a chance for individuals at this age group begin their healing from an early point in their life.

college students

This is why I became the in-house therapist for Central Florida Hillel during my time at Jewish Family Services (JFS) of Greater Orlando. This partnership’s goal was to create opportunities for student wellness through counseling and therapeutic groups for the students connected to Central Florida Hillel. The group round table topics included social media and its impact, stress relief and management, change as the constant and achieving a sense of independence, and growth mindset and working through self doubt. Group sessions offered for a chance to connect with other students facing similar concerns. I also hosted Wellness walks to introduce mindfulness and promote the students spending time outside.

Additionally, individual counseling with students allowed me the opportunity to to focus on topics such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, communication, roommate challenges, self-care - depending on the needs of each client - and also normalize the challenges around life stage transitions. I will always hold this time with Central Florida Hillel as a special one in my heart. This age group is in an incredibly impactful time in their life as they transition from childhood to adulthood, and I know that these students would not have received the help they needed without this partnership.

The partnership was covered by J Life Magazine in December 2021. View here.

This partnership was publicized in the Heritage in May 2022. View the article here.

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