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Come As You Are

Updated: Feb 28

National Coffee Day, National Coming Out Day, National Breast Cancer Awareness Day, National Stop Bullying Day, and National Trick or Treat Day - plus dozens more (if you believe it) are all named celebrations in the month of October. Whether these days resonate with you as celebratory or reminder days - or not, they serve a purpose in the lives they speak to.

mental health

World Mental Health Day also takes place in the month of October - and for mental health care providers, World Mental Health Day provides a sense of hope and due diligence as its goal is to raise awareness of mental health challenges and mobilize support. As a provider, I see every opportunity to talk about mental health in the public realm as a stage for growth, working to change the stigma, and empowering individuals to seek help. Mental health is part of our overarching health journey - affecting our personal health, relationships, job, schooling, and every other facet of life pursued. Seeking help for mental health is one of the purest forms of self-care.

Anxiety and depression are some of the challenges that have been heightened in response to this pandemic. If you’re recognizing these feelings in yourself, you are not alone. And it’s never too late. With the onset of the pandemic, access to care has been greater made possible by Telehealth. You are able to see your therapist without carving out time for a commute, which can be twofold in helping to manage anxiety and depression.

Let’s build a world where challenges with mental health are normalized. Where our brain deserves and receives as much care as our hearts, stomachs, and even our stubbed toes. Let’s nurture our minds and build a world where mental health needs are met, and the connection between health and mental health doesn’t go unnoticed. Let’s recognize how we are and where we are, and own it. Let’s enable seeking help before we are at the point of crisis. Life is a journey - and we all need help along the way.


Shaina White Williams

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