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The Right Fit: Your Therapist

Updated: Feb 28

Do you enjoy every person you encounter? No chance. I meet plenty of people in line a the grocery store, at a sports game or a park, at my children’s school - everywhere that are friendly but you just get the feeling that the relationship will always be surfaced. And that’s okay. Not every relationship is going to be deep and filled with constant contact and considerable understanding. Some relationships are meant to be short lived and meaningless. And that’s okay.

The same goes for your therapeutic relationship. Some clinicians will be with you for years, or even decades. Some will be with you for a few short visits. It’s all about the fit. Do you feel you can be vulnerable with your therapist? Do you feel you can tell them your deepest and darkest secrets? Do you feel they get you?

I have had plenty of clients that I feel that I “get” and some that just don’t match for my personality. And that’s okay. I can’t be great for everyone, because in the end - if I am - I am actually good for no-one. I offer up myself as a clinician, and thats the right fit for many - but not the right fit for all. I hope you take the time to fit your right therapeutic match. I know I have.

If you’re looking for a therapist, and don’t think we are the right fit after learning about me. Please visit Psychology Today.

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