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Leaning into Life's Curveballs

Updated: Feb 28

This year has been nothing close to what I expected. Life has thrown a few curveballs. But that’s what life does; it surprises you. Parents know, from the minute your baby is on a schedule or you think you're on a roll and learn what to expect, life has a way of giggling and saying. Yep, not so much.


At first, this can be extremely overwhelming. Curve balls are just what they sound like - in baseball a curveball is a pitch thrown with a strong downward spin causing the ball to drop suddenly and veer to the side as it approaches. In non-baseball terms a curveball is unexpected, surprising, or disruptive. After the shock hits and the dust settles you can't predict it but - magic happens - especially when you lean into it. When you don’t fight it, when you listen to your gut, when you follow what you know is best... slowly…. very slowly...very very slowly… things start to change. In fact, things may be even better than before. Maybe new opportunities emerge that are better than the situation you had before, maybe new people come into your life and help you realize what you were missing, maybe you realize your passion, maybe you heal from old wounds that you didn’t even know existed. The opportunities with a curveball are endless.

But one thing is for sure, the lean in will always yield in your health improving. The lean means listening to your intuition - your gut - and prioritizing your mental health over everything. The lean means you’re committing to something fully, even when faced with resistance or difficulty. The lean means you make the room in your heart and in your life for the the unimaginable.

So prioritize you: your health - and your mental health - because they are one and the same. And lean in when you're faced with a curveball because they approach and drop when you least expect it. And know more than anything, it’s okay to reach out for help. We ALL need it.

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